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Infospect is a UI Element that displays low-level playback information for the currently playing track.

The "Source" dropdown list selects the level of information to display. The available levels and their meaning are as follows:
  • Static: Displays information that is available at all times, even when the track is not playing.
  • Dynamic (track): Displays dynamic information that changes on track change. Online radio streams and special input formats can have track changes while still playing the same URL.
  • Dynamic (full): Displays dynamic information that may change at any time. This includes the dynamic bit rate for formats that report it.

Known issues
  • The Infospect element does not obey the font and color settings in the Default UI. Very low priority since this is intended only as a tool for developers and for troubleshooting.


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hey! the date of the infospect component in your webpage seems to be switched with the date of the screen saver host component.


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It misses a COPY text feature...

PS: you probably know that the GUI becomes extremely unresponsive in full mode... but I just want to warn people about it here.

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