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Album art and alternative to WMP


Basically I have 2 questions:

1) What is the best way to handle album art, specifically for FLAC, MPC, and MP3s? I need it for my PC, my Creative Zen Vision:M, and my Rockbox'd Sansa e200.

I know for my Zen what I'm doing now is just copying the art into WMP and then syncing which does the trick, but I'm trying to find an alternative to WMP (see question 2). Anyways, is it best to embed the art into each track of the album, or the first track, or just keep a JPEG with the files. As you can see I have no idea how this is done.

2) I'm looking for an alternative to WMP. As far as playback on my PC goes, it looks like foobar2000 is a good choice. The other thing I need though is the ability to copy files to my Creative Zen Vision:M. I can just copy the files straight over, but then they only appear in the "All tracks" menu and not in any of the Ablum, Artist, etc sections on my player. That and also the album art issue. I'm pretty sure this all has to do with the MTP standard. Is there a way to do all this manually or is there another program that can do it (I didn't have any luck with the creative software either)?

Album art and alternative to WMP

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Well I did some research and as it turns out MediaMonkey has answered most of my issues. It even appears to do transfers to portables but I haven't tried with my ZVM yet.

Album art and alternative to WMP

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I strongly favor embedding artwork for the following reasons:

Embed once and play anywhere in any player.
Tracks with Embedded Artwork have less to zero problems in Media Center interfaces
You have this warm fuzzy feeling that another ID3v2 tag is complete (sorry that's me).


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