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FLAC 5.1 to ALAC 5.1?

I recently downloaded an album in DTS 5.1 (48kHz, 16-bit), which I want convert to an iTunes-friendly format, without data loss. From what I can tell, ALAC seems to be what I need.

I managed to convert the DTS files to 5.1 FLAC using MediaCoder ( which seems to be awesome, btw). Now I just need to convert 5.1 FLAC to 5.1 ALAC. I thought this would be easy, but dbPowerAmp says it only supports mono/stereo ALAC encoding.

What can I use to encode 5.1 ALAC?


FLAC 5.1 to ALAC 5.1?

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I think the ALAC format is limited to mono and stereo recordings.  You can convert to a 5.1 AAC file that will work with iTunes but I don't think ALAC can go up to 5.1.  That might be added in the future though or I could be wrong.

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