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TAK and embedded album art?


I'm pretty new to the whole album art thing, because this would mean a lot of work which I can't afford. I've realized (I used mp3tag) TAK files can have embedded album art?

a) Do you do this?
b) Can fb2k do this?
c) Is that any useful? Why? Where are those embedded images displayed?

Currently I have some album art and booklets which I keep in the audio files folder or subfolder, but only in case I'd need them later. Currently I don't feel like displaying those, because this would mean code (I use fb2k/columnsUI/trackdisplay panel of panelsUI). OK, Vista Explorer does sometimes display album art in folders, but that's not too important for me...

Thanks for your input

TAK and embedded album art?

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I don't think foobar can do that. (embedded album art to file)

I'm quite surprise that you use track display but do not want to code  If you do have 1 folder per album, The easiest way for Column UI to show album art I think is to use foo_uie_albumart cause you can add panel pretty easy now with live editing (that's what it call.. right?) and config there source to $replace(%path%,%filename_ext%,*) and move the cover to where the music are and you done. nearly no coding involve. Setting in foo_uie_albumart involve no coding except the image source and it use the same titleformat that foobar use so you don't have to learn anything new (IMO foobar user MUST know how to use some simple titleformat and I think you do)

And if you going to show just the cover or 1 image, remember to disable the "Cycle source during playback" option.

I know it's a good idea if you have a lot of single file if you going to use embedded album art.But why use embedded album art if you do have full album or have music file assign to different folder? It's more complicate to add,edit,show them. More space use if use 1 file per track. ETC

TAK and embedded album art?

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Thanks for your input. No, it's not about learning or avoiding code... The relevant part is, I repeat "a lot of work which I can't afford" it's about time

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