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Topic: switching between "Now Playling" and "Selected Item&quo (Read 722 times) previous topic - next topic
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switching between "Now Playling" and "Selected Item&quo

Hi, I'm looking for a way of switching between the two display modes, "Now Playling" and "Selected Item", with the use of an imagebutton.

I don't want to use the context menu to do this, I simply want to have an imagebutton that will switch between the two modes.

Im thinking in the lines of using the command prompt through the Run Service.
Where I would do something like:
foobar2000.exe /command:"Panels UI"/Mode/"Now playing", or "Selected Item"
or maybe, /runcmd="Panels UI"/Mode/"Now playing", or "Selected Item"

I tried these two with failure.
Does anyone have an idea or know a way that works?

Thanks in advance.
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