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New Member Registration and Layover Time

IIRC, when I joined HA a little over a year ago, I had to wait a week before I could begin posting and creating threads. Is this still implemented? If one joins up with a free email address, there is a layover period before one can start posting. This is done to prevent spamming. I didn't even think about spamming...

Usually one joins HA in order to post a specific concern like I did. While that layover period is a good idea to force new members to continue searching the boards and WIKI, it is probably done so in vain. One most likely has searched for the answer but is unable to find help due to a lack of specific knowledge/terminology that would drastically cut down on surfing.

I was thinking of a new approach, one that I haven't the foggiest idea on the difficulty for implementation.

Instead of a layover, why not quiz the new members? Quiz them on the three common areas to get them experience with the site and the rules.

The first part of the quiz would test their understanding of the rules specified in the TOS. They must read the TOS, and afterward read a couple of posts that violate the TOS. There are plenty of TOS8 violations around, pick any one of them. They must then click which TOS rule was broken. Big ones: subjective audio claims, flaming, and illegal software.

The second one is to searching the WIKI. I'll admit that I have only recently started thinking of searching the wiki. So have them look for some topic, read that part, and answer the question.

The third part of the test is the worst one. How many times do we read new posts about splitting APE and CUEs, or setting up a lossless archive, or any other topic that regurgitates every 3 or 4 weeks? ... Well I answered it, every 3 or 4 weeks. So this part of the test is, "Going through the FAQ." And I'll be getting around to adding to the FAQ section on CUE splitting.

This test wouldn't have to be long---HA members don't need a bachelors in HA-forum etiquette. 10 multiple choice questions one must answer before earning the right to post immediately. Make there be a lot of different wrong answers so they can't just sit there and guess the answers over and over. And of course, since there is a delay system in HA registration, AFAIK, make it so that if they don't get 100% on their test, they have to wait an hour or so before retaking it.

Any thoughts?

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New Member Registration and Layover Time

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The period applies only to members who try to register with a free email (which used to be impossible!), and the most important reason is to stop constant spamming of the board.

New Member Registration and Layover Time

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Yeah, I didn't even think about spamming... since I am not that kind of jerk.

This sorta kills the whole idea. If you want to spam the board, then you'll probably know the answers to all those questions to continue spamming. Damn them.
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New Member Registration and Layover Time

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There should also be a section on using the FAQ at the top of HA.
OP can't edit initial post when a solution is determined  :'-(

New Member Registration and Layover Time

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Yeah it's still implemented and still very annoying. I was going to report a bug to the foobar team but had to wait. Eventually I forgot about posting the bug until tonight.

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