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How is this site funded?

How is funded? There are no pop-ups or ads, or any places begging you to donate money. And as of now, the board is of a considerable size, with +4000 members and to many posts to count. It takes a fast server / high speed connection to run a board like this (I SERIOUSLY doubt that Dibrom is running it off a Celeron 450 hooked up to a local DSL line  ) and things of that nature don't come cheap. If this is prying into anybody's business, just say so and delete the post - I was just interested, no harm intended. However it's done, I couldn't be happier - keep up the good work!


How is this site funded?

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Sorry, I searched for "Site Funding" - should have searched plain "funding"  - your answer was on the top of the list. Somebody should prob just delete this  . BTW, if you set up a donation system, count me in - and thats a big thing coming from me, as I am possibly the cheapest person you will ever meet  .

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