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Clarifications on the warning system

  • Your warning level is visible only to you and to staff, not to other members without moderator privileges. Commenting on your warning level in public is considered a violation of TOS #7; if you do so, your post will likely get deleted.
  • Warning level is not an accurate indication of how close you are to getting banned! The 0-100% scale with 33⅓% increments is a feature of our forum software, it does not reflect our idea of using the warning system. If you've gone from 0% to 67%, it means you've been warned twice; it might be for something serious such as asking for illegal software, or for something more trivial such as repeated offtopic posts or posting threads with non-descriptive titles. What happens next will depend on what exactly it is you've done, as well as on quality of your non-TOS-violating contributions to our forums. Reaching 100% doesn't imply getting banned - in fact, there are long-time members who hit 100% before and got reduced back to 0% eventually, with no further incidents.
  • In certain scenarios, member accounts will be banned instantly without any kind of warning. This applies to:
    • Users who register only to spam - we get a share of those every month (TOS #14).
    • Confirmed cases of users having more than one account, trying to hide their earlier offenses from us (TOS #12).

What to do after you've been warned?
  • Don't panic. Don't try to fight back. If you're a regularly contributing and helpful forum member, your warning level will be back to 0% eventually and your forum account is most likely nowhere close to being banned or disabled.
  • Make sure you've read the reason why you were warned (click on the warning level percentage number) - some people get warned twice for the same type of offense because they simply don't read the warning message.
  • If you strongly disagree with the action taken against you, feel free to contact one of the administrators.

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