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[Request]Playlist Browser

I heavily miss a component for Foobar where i can organize playlists in folders and subfolders. To illustrate what i mean here a screenshot of another Player with exactly such a feature. And to avoid a missunderstanding: I am not thinking of an replacement for the Playlist Manager (0.9.5) or the playlist tabs but for an media library viewer from where i can load my playlists into Foobar.

The more playlists you want to save/organize the less overview you have if you try to organize them as loaded playlists - you just have a list.  A treeview based system is a more efficient way as you can store a huge amount of playlists and nevertheless you can find each of them quickly.

When i am talking about playlists i think about three or four different types of them:

1. Static Playlists
Mannually made and simple playlist. Since i started hearing music i loved to create mixes of 1-2 hours and i still enjoy that.

2. Autoplaylists
I think everybody know what is meant. But as part of such a component an autoplaylist should also be defined by a special sorting.

3. Limited Autoplaylists
Does anybody remeber the "Extended Playlist Generator" component for foobar2000 0.8.3 and the fun with randomly generated playlists which are limited by size, length or number of tracks?

4. Folderbased Playlists
Playlists that are defined by the content of a certain folder. A good mean for people like me who have many soundfiles (Speeches, audiobooks,...) outside of library folders.

So, what do you think? 

[Request]Playlist Browser

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[Request]Playlist Browser

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As my screenshot of Helium Music Manager shows i would like to organize Playlists - nothing else! Playlist Tree shows subfolders for each query defined as format (similar to album list) and if you don't like that you have to do some hacks that are so typical for Playlist Tree. This component doesn't fit anymore to the new times of DefaultUi. I would like to have a bugfree, simple, powerful, fast and welldesigned component - as an ex-user of Playlist Tree i know (sorry to say that) that PT isn't such a component.

[Request]Playlist Browser

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Yes, it is indeed a nice feature to have playlists that are based on folders - i would have a big usage of that. But concerning that component i've requested it is not really essential like the other playlists: these type of playlists would even be not necessary if somedays the DefaultUi has something similar like foo_uie_explorer where folders could be stored as favourites.

The main point of my request is that i really need a component for storing and organizing all my playlists. Just an example: I have something about over 300 static playlists but loading them all would cause just mess - i just  load what i like to hear now or in the next days and then i don't need them i just delete them. So i never have loaded more than ten or fifteen playlists. The same thing with autoplaylists: Such a component would offer the opportunity to save as many of them as you like but you just load what you need. Beside of all that i think the most amazing feature would be the limited playlists.

As long as such a component just organizes playlists (without subqueries and subfolders) it would not need a refresh routine because the queries are only applied then loading them - that is the big difference to playlist tree. I hope it is understandable what i mean and why i consider such a component as a really important library viewer that would complement the great trio (Album List, Facets, Database Search)

After reading your linked post, nightfishing, i think i have to repeat myself: i am not talking about tuning up the Playlist Manager in the sense of adding folders, new types of playlists and so on but about an own component wich sends playlists to the playlist manager.

[Request]Playlist Browser

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Would really nobody be excited about such a component to organize queries for generating playlists?

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