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mp3 subband reordering

Hello, I am currently in the middle of working on a mp3 decoder. I am having issues when trying to reorder the 576 dequantized frequency lines. I know my dequantized values, scalefactors, and huffman data are right because I compared these values against dist10. However my reordering functions are wrong for both mixed and short blocks. So, I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this. And if so if they could point me the right direction of a simple source code I can follow that will help me understand the reordering process. Or anything out there that explains well how to do reordering. I have tried looking at a few open source decoders and have had a hard time following them since they combine so many steps. Any help I can get is much appericatied. Thanks in advance...

P.S. I am developing the code in matlab if that helps anyone....

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