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AudioWizz FrontEnd New GUI

Originally, my intention was to create a FrontEnd encoder/decoder in the form of a wizard, hence the name "AudioWizz".  Something similar to what you get if you start mspowerpoint wizard. I do still want to do this and would like everyones opinion. Please examine the images below and tell me what you think...

the next image is what screen 4 might look like!!!!

Please be honest, if you think its crap, say its crap!

If you do think its crap, how do you want it to look, it would be good if you could give examples

AudioWizz FrontEnd New GUI

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If you are unable to see the images, you can download them from HERE

AudioWizz FrontEnd New GUI

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Still no links


AudioWizz FrontEnd New GUI

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Everything is working fine on my screen.  All images and download links.

How about this


AudioWizz FrontEnd New GUI

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check the other thread man...

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