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instead of iTunes for these listed features

I'd prefer open source, and it looks like Songbird will eventually be exactly what I'm looking for, but for now, I want these features that iTunes has for use with an iPod:
  • podcasts (video and audio)
  • drag and drop (instead of sync whole library) to iPod
  • gain (mp3gain or whatever's best)
  • files organized automatically
  • gap detection that iTunes now uses for whole albums (so that live music etc won't clip)
  • album artwork
  • nice player on PC, too (I've used Winamp for years, but got scared of it recently)
iTunes is so invasive that I just don't like installing it --but it's starting to look like it may be the best way to use my iPod

I'm hoping you all can tell me a handful of programs used together that reproduce all this functionality for free.

My mp3s are already ripped via EAC and LAME.  But if it would be good to use REACT (or a similar program) to improve my ripping effectiveness, I'm open to that, too. 

(I currently have my ripped songs all in one folder and copy them to another machine, then drag and drop them into my ipod in iTunes on that machine.  My podcasts are downloaded to that machine and I drag those to my iPod, too)

looks like I may want to try ... has anyone used this?
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instead of iTunes for these listed features

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SnackAmp has a media manager like many players, however it does NOT use the metadata to organize the tracks -- which is EXACTLY what I don't need from a player. iTunes does this for me automatically.

I am also lodging my interest in something that organizes files automatically.

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