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Default UI Gallery

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Mine :

* 3 panels used:
- WSH Panel Mod panel for the playlist (a jscript of mine, Work In Progress)
- Oscilloscope
- Album Art Viewver

* OS = Windows 7 x64

* Visual Style = Placebo (Ashtray)

Default UI Gallery

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More of a functional than beautiful layout

Default UI Gallery

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I don't know how I previously got on without foobar. Well, actually I do know, but won't slag off other apps here.

After a year+ of minor tweaking, this is where I'm at... tabbed for her comfort; flexible and powerful, easy to find a needle in the haystack. Of course OCD tagging helps.

Library alphabetical

Library facets


Info+Now Playing (this sub-tab view used when controlling music from a distance)

I wouldn't mind some eye-candy like a coverflow feature, but happy enough that it handles my library fairly effortlessly.

Happy to share .fth + settings if anyone is interested.



Default UI Gallery

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my new, very simple

Default UI Gallery

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Default UI Gallery

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Default UI Gallery

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Default UI Gallery

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I'm not too much into customizing, I want to keep Foobar the way it was meant to be - simple and efficient.

Default UI Gallery

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Default UI Gallery

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My new playlist viewer for DefaultUI (or CUI), just a WSH panel mod script, work still in progress but this new playlist viewer script handles group header, and it's great

this simple look should evolve quickly...

Default UI Gallery

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Default UI Gallery

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Thanks to some nice artwork script updates via Marc2003 and finally joining the modern age by getting a wide monitor, I've updated my theme.

It's optimal for (a wide screen &) large collections with at least basic tags (artist, title, year, genre; album artist recommended esp for 'Various Artists') and geared towards people who prefer having more info, but fairly easy to show/hide things.

4 main tabs are:

1. collection A-Z (with some listing tweaks, e.g. when artist only has one album)

2. collection facets // right esplaylist panels scrolls through the large artwork and/or the album thumbs+tracklists of the selection

3. playlists // with esplaylist at right for scroll list of large artwork ('poor man's' cover scroll!)

4. genres + info (I use custom categories for my genres so those 2 left text panels could be replaced or deleted for most users) // artwork selector & bot rt. now playing thanks to marc2003

Default UI Gallery

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Big and bulky:

I still have some soundtracks to clean up and retag.

Default UI Gallery

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