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CD playback error

I'm using one of Samsung CD-ROM (donno what model is it)
When I playbackback CD-audio, it produces terrible flaw

Below are some example

Windows Media Player
Analog Quite ok but "tac...tac...tac...." sound added
Digital "tac....tac...tac" + heavy hissing
Digital+Correction   hear nothing but sssssssssssss....

Digital+Correction Quite ok but "tac...tac...tac..." sound added

only these few rippers worked with my CD-ROM
Easy CD-DA
Cool Edit
Windows Media Player

these few free programs won't work

Programs that rip correctly without flaw
Windows Media Player
Easy CD-DA

Edit: Why playback at only 1x could cause error but ripping at 20x is free from flaw, confusing!

Any solutions etc...suggestion

OS = Windows XP

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