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Most played songs autoplaylist

I want to make an autoplaylist that will contain my top 100 songs with the highest play counts.
Im using the foo_playcount component so my playcounts are stored in %play_count%.
What kind of sort/query pattern syntax do I need to limit the number of items (tracks) in an autoplaylist?
So far I have this in the query pattern: "%play_count% GREATER 0" which removes any songs not yet played. What I need now is something to limit the number of entries in the playlist to maximum 100 (or whatever number I want)

Im very new to the syntax used so I dont know if there is a simple solution to this. I assume I need something like $max(%title%, 100)? (I know its wrong)

Most played songs autoplaylist

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The conditions are evaluated on a per-track basis, therefore any limits (count, total file size, total length, ...) are not available in the current query syntax.
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Most played songs autoplaylist

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i like your idea for this autoplaylist, unfortunetly i cant be of much help at the moment.

i think it may involve the $ifgreater command but how to string it together to limit the amount of tracks im not sure, maybe %list_index% or %list_total%.

i'll have a little mess around but if someone more experienced can answer this please do

EDIT: bah, Yirkha replied as i was typing. at least you have answered the question & i wont be trying a dead end now haha!

Most played songs autoplaylist

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You can't limit a list that way and since queries only validates against each track, you'll have to find another solution.

The best you could do is probably something like:

Code: [Select]
%play_count% GREATER 3 SORT DESCENDING BY %playcount%

Then you'll have a list sorted by playcount, which you can easily shorten manually.

Edit: Damn I'm slow
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Most played songs autoplaylist

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I remember that foo_playlist_tree could do something like this, and possibly foo_playlist_tree_mod can do this too, but since I dont use them now I cant tell for sure.

EDIT: odyssey was first
EDIT2: Yirkha was first, odyssey was in fact third!

Most played songs autoplaylist

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Thats a shame that it couldn't be easier : /

Ive tried looking for the playlist_tree_mod component but I cant find it, I assume the original playlist_tree is now defunct?
I recently installed library tree component (foo_uie_library_tree) Could this possible do what Im asking for?

Most played songs autoplaylist

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It's very powerful component, but bear in mind you will have to use columns UI instead of default UI (thats the main reason i dont use it  )

Most played songs autoplaylist

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Thats a shame that it couldn't be easier : /

Umm no offence, but didn't my solution fit perfectly in your question, besides the inability to shorten it to a certain length?

It works in any UI and you can even create an autoplaylist that always keeps it updated. You can even modify the playcount threshold to match somewhat closely 100 matches (at least at current point in time). I say this because playlist tree requires extreme amounts of knownledge to configure properly and I have a hard time seeing how trimming a list to 100 entrys is not an easy task. Why do you need exactly 100 entrys only?
Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P

Most played songs autoplaylist

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Im trying to mimic the smart playlists in iTunes, and what I usually do is go on shuffle within that list of 100 top played songs. If the list was much larger, the shuffle idea would be useless because it would be playing many more songs that are not close to the top 100. The main problem was the playlist length.


Most played songs autoplaylist

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And it could be useful while syncing with portable device (in this case limiting total size, not number of tracks). It would be fun to create one hour worth of music playlist, or 25 newest albums etc.
It cannot be done atm, and I hope to see this feature in later revisions, so don't disregard this

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