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Facets [2008-02-25]

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Hi, could we at least all know why Frank hasn't replied to the numerous questions in his own thread since November 30, 2008 ? He might have his own reasons, but I think we are all entitled to know at least where Facets is going...

Facets is not just another 3rd party component : it's a beautiful piece of software, and an essential foobar component for most of us, to the point that some of us even think it should be integrated into foobar.

Thus, I think it's normal that we feel concerned when we see foobar being updated about once a month (which is awesome), and Facets not being updated since more than a year. All this to the point that Facets has become "a bit" obsolete. I am saying this for at least two reasons :
- Because Facets is not yet "fully 0.9.6 compatible" (e.g. it doesn't support autoplaylists creation in 0.9.6+). Nearly all other components have been updated to comply with the new foobar version... save Facets and maybe a few minor ones. In fact AFAIK Facets is the only major foobar component which hasn't yet been updated since 0.9.6 is out.
- Because of the "init times" issue we were discussing with Frank a few posts ago. That issue is a real problem for me, everyday (my foobar takes 2+ minutes to load with Facets, and 10 seconds without it).

All of these issues should be solved in the next Facets version (said Frank). That version should be awesome, and we are all waiting for it since... Feb. 25, 2008. So again, could we at least know where we are going ?

I consider this a most reasonable request given the circumstances. Frank, thanks for listening / answering.

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