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What is the best drive for EAC?

I am looking to find a drive that rips quickly in EAC using secure mode.

I read a review on of the Aopen crw5224 and the drive rips in secure mode at 20X.
I have not seen another drive that manages this kind of speed.

Does anyone have any favourites?

What about web sites with drive listings etc?

I would be greatful to here any ideas.


What is the best drive for EAC?

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AOpen used to have big problems with DAE, but from what I'm told they ARE very good now. I can't say anything else on the matter, though.

But I can tell you to check out some *Plextor* brand drives.

As a matter of fact, I'm planning on heading out in an hour or so to go buy a 40/12/40 Plextor drive. I believe it also boasts 20x DAE.

Anyhow, good luck with your drive shopping; I hope whatever choice you make works out for you.

What is the best drive for EAC?

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What 20x in secure mode??

What is the best drive for EAC?

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buy the RICOH MP7200 A

In secure mode with detected features it reaches up to 30x!

or try the YAMAHA CRW F1.  this drive caches audio data, but it is still the best to get protected AudioCDs ripped!

Hope I could help ya!
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What is the best drive for EAC?

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I have the previous AOPEN model, the CRW3248

BTW, THE_NOXIER, most recent AOPEN models are rebadged Ricohs. (read offset +97)

They are known to be very fast, and the DAE quality is very satisfying 
RAF has got the CRW4048 and it is fast as hell he told me.

I haven't thoroughly tested the C2 feature on my own drive, since I don't use C2 (speed is not important at all to me). Without C2 retrieval, extraction speed is generally 6-7, but with C2 enabled this number should be doubled.

What is the best drive for EAC?

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I know the Liteon 16x, my brother got ist, it's real fast, ca. 30x at normal modus.
and there is the toshiba, too. i heard its real fast, quite and good.

mfg Schimpi

What is the best drive for EAC?

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Thanks alot guys, you've given me someting to think about.

Are there any web sites with info on the ricoh drives?


What is the best drive for EAC?

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Hmmm ... if you rely on C2 reporting, you can use a Plex 40TSi SCSI which rips @ 17-30x and ignores any kind of copy protection ... with C2 turned off, this drive still rips @ a decent 8-16x ... unfortunately this drive shows a lousy error correction on data and audio CD's ...

The LiteOn DVD & RW drives are fast when doing DAE as well, and they are cheap ...

I'm still waiting for the new Plex 40x SCSI RW to hit the market ... I sense this will be a major DAE drive ...
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What is the best drive for EAC?

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can anyone elaborate on the AOpen as rebadged Richoh's theory?  A friend of mine just bought a Verbatim on ebay that is supposedly an Aopen 48x.  So, would this be rebadged twice?
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What is the best drive for EAC?

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Plextor 40TS of course

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