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Plextools Copy cd problem

I have just acquired a new plextor drive 4824Tu , I have always in the past used EAC to copy my cd's but of course now I want to use Plextools. I have been trying to copy a live concert audio cd but  so far I have no success.  The cd seems to copy ok but when I insert a blank cdr into the copier it tells me the source file is too large , ( I enabled overburning) the original cd is only 79 mins so it should not be a problem, however I thought as I had saved the image file to disc I could try another blank so i selected the source as the image file and browsed for the file , no luck the image was as a .bin format and the cdcopy prog was looking for a .pxi, with other progs normally I see the cue and bin together. I could not find a .pxi anywhere to load in the cdcopy menu. anybody have any ideas. Just one other thing I have read various posts regarding the audio extraction settings in Plextools and have configured them all accordingly to match at least I hope the quality that EAC was giving me, but can somebody tell me if the less than 100 errors ( the minimum allowed) option is a practicle setting or should I set it a bit higher

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