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Autoflac questions

Earlier this year, I was happily ripping through my collection of a couple thousand CDs when my PC died.  Months later, I'm just now getting back to the project, but I'm running into a couple of configuration problems with Autoflac that I can neither figure out nor find answers to (and please, no laughing if they're pathetically simple):

1) When I run AutoFLAC, the options under "Create CUE sheet" are greyed out, regardless of whether I check or uncheck the "Create CUE sheet" box.  Why is this?  The main reason I ask is that I would prefer not to embed my CUE sheets, but I am under the impression that's happening.  While ripping, the cue sheet will appear in the base directory, but then it goes to the recylcle bin after ripping and FLAC conversion are complete. 

2) If I restore the CUE sheet from the recycle bin, it never works.  Burrrn always tells me it cannot locate the final track of the album.

3) The log file is also being left in the base directory.  I'm assuming I need to change one of the directories in either EAC, FLAC or AutoFLAC configuration, but which one?

And while I'm at it, a general question...

4) Assuming the CUE sheet is being embedded, how do I burn a CD from it?  I am accustomed to opening the non-embedded CUE sheet (when they work) with Burrrn, but I don't have a clue how to burn a CD if the sheet is embedded.

I've lurked here off and on for ages, and you guys have taught me a lot.  I had everything set up perfectly last spring and am desperately trying to get back to that configuration--which I will document for my future use this time--so I can get back to my ripping. 

Thanks in advance for any help with these questions!

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