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I'm a huge Rush fan, have been for half my life now.  I own more or less everything they've ever released, on vinyl and CD.  It really is a sad situation to be an audiophile and a Rush fan, though.  Vapor Trails was sonic torture, quite possibly the worst recorded/mixed/mastered album I've ever heard in my life.  I could make something that sounded better in my own basement in about 30 minutes!  (Tremendous music, though, which makes the production screwup even more painful.)

However, these are exciting times.  Their new album, Snakes & Arrows, looks to have rectified this mistake to an extent.  There's a small 10 second clip of the first single Far Cry on their website right now, and the first thought that went through my head upon hearing it was "OMG THEY DIDN'T SCREW UP THE PRODUCTION!!!"


So I'm anxiously awaiting May 1st now, I can wait to hear this album!!


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Well, taking a look at the avatars there are a couple of rush fans round here.
I'm a late-bound addict to this group. The addiction started with "Roll the bones"
and forced me to buy the complete round of (studio) albums.

In contrast to you (and a lot other Rush fans) I do not own Vapour Trails. And that's
NOT due to the sound but due to the music. To me my top favourite is Counterparts.
I started to dislike their musical change with Test for Echo and I didn't like Vapour
Trails even more.

Nevertheless a great group and I'll definitely check the forthcoming release!



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Fan here of early Rush.  I stopped buying after Hold your Fire, though I did try again with Roll the Bones - its OK.


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Love Rush's early stuff.
2112 and Hemispheres are masterpieces.
Their last good album was Moving Pictures though. IMO.


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the concept album that makes all other concept albums obsolete.

the part where the evil space overlords crush the puny acoustic hippie is pure ROCK.
and how many other bands get to thank NASA for being invited to see the space shuttle launch?
(see liner notes for Exit Stage Left)


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I love Neil Peart. YYZ is pure class.

Looking forward for the new material.


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I "rushed" out to buy this new album today, and while not quite in the league of Moving Pictures or Hemispheres, S&A is definitely Rush. I'm even hearing some big riffs, keyboards, chorus pedals, and flanging on some of the songs. A nice departure from Vapor Trails!

The mastering, while a definite improvement from Vapor Trails, still isn't great, though. There's noticeable distortion on "The Main Monkey Business" and a few parts of "Spindrift,' for example, and everything is LOUD without any dynamic contrast. I suppose that's what might be expected for a 2007 rock album - I'm just not used to it since I've bought so few "new" rock albums this decade. Maybe the LP will be better - though I would hope that an album of this length would be a double LP, as the inner tracks would be squashed as hell and distorted. If they try to squeeze this on to one platter, it's going to sound atrocious.


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I like the new album so far, quite enjoyable and far more listenable than Vapor Trails. I hope they release a 5.1 version of the mix with more dynamics.

BTW, wasn't a remastered version of Vapor Trails due to last year?



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well, YYZ rocks, thats for sure. but I prefer heavier stuff like metallica. I use rush and iron maiden for easy listening and led zeppelin for soft stuff:D

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