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"pro" recording programs?

Just want to know what programs usually are used by pros in recording studios when recording/mixing/mastering/(whatever it's called)  tracks...

anyone know ?

"pro" recording programs?

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"Pro" users, whatever that means,    usually use one or more of the following: Steinberg's Cubase, Wavelab or Nuendo, Emagic's Logic Audio (since they were bought by Apple last summer only the Mac version is being developed), Digidesign's ProTools or Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer. Of course, many use Cakewalk's Sonar and Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge, Acid etc., too.

Mastering Engineers, you know, the guys who wreck music for a living, often use Sadie or Sonic Solution workstations.

The major "pro" app has for a long time been ProTools (because of the name, one might wonder? "AmateurTools" probably hadn't sold as well), mainly because of it's integration with DSP hardware. But nowadays, with fast CPUs in every computer, the need for costly, proprietary hardware to perform DSP functions in realtime (EQ, compression etc) isn't necessary even on very large projects. ProTools is by many "natives" considered a DAW Dinosaur, but many still think the interface and layout is unbeatable. It did pioneer HD recording in the 90's, and some people claim it killed music in the process.

-- Uosdwis

"pro" recording programs?

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nuendo is nice

"pro" recording programs?

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cool, thanks guys

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