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Where to download old TFMX component?

Hello everybody,

because I have some old AMIGA tunes, which I want to hear with my favorite audio player (foobar), I'm looking for the tfmx-component. I'm currently using foobar 0.9.3 and I know, that this plugin is not available for the current version, but at last I want to convert these old tfmx tunes with the old foobar to a mp3-file.

I already searched through this forum as well as at google but couldn't find the old version, which was available for foobar 0.8.3. Has anyone a link, a hint or maybe the old plugin-file for me? That would be great!

Have a nice day,
mister tee


Where to download old TFMX component?

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Hi deus-ex,
thank you very much, I can finally convert my amiga tunes to nice mp3s and I can hear to the sounds even at at the bus!

Have a nice day!

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