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Adding new 'Add to playlist...' command in context menus

Hello fellow foobar coders/enthusiasts! After having quite enough of iTunes' slowness and occasional instability, I've decided to make the switch to foobar and I am definitely liking it so far. I've only had a couple of gripes with it so in an attempt to personalise it, I've started work on some simple plugins but the scarce documentation in and regarding the SDK has thrown me a bit. I've done a quick search of this forum and couldn't find anything helpful to do with my query.

Basically I'm looking at adding a "Add to playlist >" item under the track's context menu, which then has one child menu item for each playlist foobar controls. (For example, under my current setup: when I right-click any track(s) and point to "Add to playlist >", it should have the children entries "Library", "altrock06", "triplejhot100" and "minidisclist").

Even if someone can just point me to a function name, or website, it would be helpful. Thanks for the great program guys (and girls, presumably), or even just thanks for supporting it.


Adding new 'Add to playlist...' command in context menus

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Well reading a post regarding 'locking' a playlist (i.e. making it read-only), I installed the foo_utils component which also seems the "Send to playlist" function I was planning to code! What a relief.

Feel free to delete or lock this thread if you like. Thanks anyway foobar community!

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