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WM/Track WM/TrackNumber Precedence

Is there a way to set the precedence of how fb2k reads the WM/Track and WM/TrackNumber tags of WMA files?  I have a number of files where the WM/Track and WM/TrackNumber values are the same.  This is not correct as WM/Track should be a zero based value and WM/TrackNumber should be a one based value.  The WM/TrackNumber is the currently recommend value to be used by MS but fb2k is using the incorrect WM/Track value.  This is not a fault of fb2k but is likely due to the WM/Track tag being after the WM/TrackNumber tag in the files.  A search of the web indicated that writing incorrect WM/Track tags is a common bug of other software.  It would nice if fb2k would have an option to ignore the WM/Track tag if a WM/TrackNumber tag was present.

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