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[Request] a decent lyrics panel

Hi, I've tried both foo_uie_lyrics and foo_uie_lyrics_panel, and I have come to get really frustrated at them both.  foo_uie_lyrics is the better of the two in that it implements online search (which, though not perfect, is good enough for me), but is incredibly annoying about how it treats scrolling: if a lyric is timestamped it will obstinately refuse to let you scroll no matter if the autoscroll checkbox is set or not in the settings.  It's also impossible to directly edit the lyrics from the panel; you have to find the file, right click it, and go through its LYRICS tag to change up the lyrics. 

I'm just wondering if there's another one that I've missed - like, a lyrics panel that does all of these:

1. Support for lrc as well as timestamped LYRICS tag in files
2. Support for autoscroll as well as manual scroll all the time
3. Online search sort of like how foo_uie_lyrics works (since lyricsdb can't get timestamped lyrics  )
4. Intuitive interface, allowing for editing lyrics etc.

Indeed, I used to use EvilLyrics, but ever since that broke for me - I always find no results now for some reason  - I've been trying with little success to get a foobar panel to do it well.

[Request] a decent lyrics panel

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i know how that can be frustrating, but what I did was to enlarge the window for lyrics (the panel was on the sidebar anyways so it wasnt that much of a change)

even if something is set with timestamps, it enables you to view most of the lyrics anyway. otherwise those suggestions should be implimented, since I sometimes prefer to use multiple sources for lyrics (i have a bunch of my own saved in my music folders) and I enjoy using databases, but free scroll would be nice if it could be used even with timestamp lyric data.
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