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[bug] Have to "Remove dead entries" twice for it to work

After I have moved or deleted specific files from my music collection, and then use "Remove dead entries" from within the Album List window on the corresponding items in order to update the database it doesn't seem to work correctly. I always have to do this twice for the items to definitely disappear from the list.

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[bug] Have to "Remove dead entries" twice for it to work

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I have to bump this, because I really think this is a bug. An annoying one.

It also occures when re-scanning the media library: Let's say I have 6 paths in the media library and...

1. I delete one folder with several mp3s (i.e. an album) in the directory tree of one of those paths. After that...
2. I do a re-scan of the path affected by the removal
3. Unhide the Media Library/Album List window and have a look for the deleted items

They are still there!

Then I do it again, the re-scan... deleted items are still there...

Then I select the ghost items and do a "Remove dead entries (slow)"... still there.

Then I do that again... they're finally gone.

Please, have a look into this issue.

EDIT: Oh I now see what the problem is:

The album list is not refreshed after doing "Remove dead entries (slow)". That's a confusing user interface behaviour, IMHO.

1. Would it be an option to have the album list be automatically refreshed after a the check for dead entries in the next version of foobar2000?
2. Why doesn't the "Scan" check for dead entries? I tried it: removed a directory from one of my paths, then scanned that path and did a refresh in the album list (to be sure it wasn't the same thing as with the "Remove dead entries"), now the dead entries definitely weren't checked.

So Scan is for + items and Remove dead entries is for - items?  Honestly, it takes some time to figure that out by yourself! Why not make it user-friendlier?

[bug] Have to "Remove dead entries" twice for it to work

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@devs: sorry, to bump this thread... but please give some feedback if you have added this to your bug list.

It annoys me everytime I remove some audio files from my collection to do this twice.

[bug] Have to "Remove dead entries" twice for it to work

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Because I never thought of that. Probably because I would still have to remove the folder and other files in them, I did it using the Windows Explorer.

Besides... that doesn't change the fact that having to run "remove dead entries" twice is a little weird.

[bug] Have to "Remove dead entries" twice for it to work

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Yeah I also notice this and has posted a bug report long ago but sadly was ignored too.

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