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Speex 1.2beta2 released

From JMValin, at the mailing list:

Again, this new releases brings many improvements. The RAM requirement for wideband has gone down drastically (i.e. more than 2x). A new resampler module has been added, providing arbitrary sampling rate conversion -- fast. The echo canceller has also been improved. A bug in 1.2beta1 that made the echo canceller unstable has been fixed. The echo canceller should now converge faster, be robust and tolerant of incorrect capture-playback synchronisation. The preprocessor has also been greatly improved. Not only should the quality be better, but it is now fully converted to fixed-point. At last, early TriMedia support (incomplete) has been merged.

Speex 1.2beta2 released

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FYI, John33 has generously provided the latest windows binaries (including a VERY fast SSE set) on rarewares.

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