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Lame LAME 3.98b1

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When i remember right back in 3.97alpha days Guruboolez was the one that offered the most extensive listening and therefore often startet this "lively discusion"
Now with 3.98 builds he didnĀ“t offer much findings in public anymore. Maybe cause of avoiding to waste to many time with debates on principles.
I bet non-public testing has already gone thru many many listening sessions

He did. 3.98a11 corresponds with 3.98a12 and 3.98b1 in terms of VBR quality.

IMO people on HA already satisfied with moden MP3 quality because 2006 multi-format listening test proved that MP3 can compete with other format. Since then, lower bitrate attracts more interest than 128kbps that is required to get well-encoded MP3.


Lame LAME 3.98b1

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I labeled it beta, because the alpha version has so many bugs fixed, which are present in the 3.97 release version, that calling it still an 'alpha' version would be an understatement.

so do you think this release will become the HA recommended encoder before its stable then?

Well, that's not my business. What version HA recommends is the decision of the community here. I hope the change invites people fearing 'alpha' versions to do some tests.

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