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WMA lossless surround encoding


For some reason, i want to encode a 6 channels 16 bits / 44100 hz WAV file in Lossless surround WMA.

When i select presets in WMEncoder, the closest config i find is 48000hz and 24 bit : there is no 44100hz 16 bits.

I really need to encode with my settings and no other one.

i tried to use the VBS command line which crashes (even with the KB update) and ffmpeg which doesn't works.
I tried almost every software i could find...

thanks for all help

WMA lossless surround encoding

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Adobe Audition may support that kind of output.
EAC>1)fb2k>LAME3.99 -V 0 --vbr-new>WMP12 2)MAC-Extra High

WMA lossless surround encoding

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Are you sure it supports 44.1/16? I know the DVD spec is 48/16 so maybe WMA surround must be set to 48/24 ??

WMA lossless surround encoding

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thanks to both of you (and the others who maybe made researchs about my problem)

i found a way to do what i needed to do, maybe some will be interested :

i created a AOB (DVD-Audio) from the 6 channels audio file and that's doing the job (i ended up to lossless wma because i couldn't find other suitable way to do it) with the software

great piece of software that allows packing of a lot of lossless audio to work like a DVD.


WMA lossless surround encoding

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MLP! standalone or author a DVD-Audio disc from it...

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