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odd sound while replaygain scanning

I don't have anything else running that might even possibly make any sound, so I'm assuming that the sound is coming from foobar.  I've been scanning tons of files for replaygain values, and I'm noticing that every once in a while (very very rarely) I can hear what sounds like blurbs of really really fast music quickly fade in and then out, and then silence again.  Quite odd.  Using 0.39a from the installer.

<edit> hmm, wtf. Now I noticed that the elapsed time display is counting, when I had the player stopped before I started the scanning.

<edit2> interesting, and while this was going on I was getting results like this, which are clearly wrong: replaygain_track_gain = +32.0400 dB.  I am not sure how the player would've started "playing" silently like that when the scanning was going on.  I was switching back and forth between applications while it was scanning, but since it was scanning I had no access to any playback controls.  The only interaction with the program I had was switching to it and away from it to other apps.

<edit3> correction, I had also put the cursor in the filename area of the scanning progress dialog and used home/end to look at longer filenames/paths

odd sound while replaygain scanning

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ok, I started it scanning a bunch of songs last night before I went to bed, got up this morning to find it had done it again.  At song 476 it has screwed up.

odd sound while replaygain scanning

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ok, I figured out something.  Song 475 in that list seems to have a sync error, at least according to encspot.  After scanning that file for replaygain it screws up all subsequent scans, giving outrageous values.  If you want a copy of that mp3 to see if there's anything that can be done about it, here it is.

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