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Tags, Album Art & Portable Devices

Got some issues to think about that affect my phone (N91), but figure it's probably worth discussing how they affect other devices too, so chip in with how this all works in your phone.

My phone appears to like MP3 tags fine (I think I'm using v2 of the standard ID3 tag format) - I remember an old MP3 player only liked version 1 tags (any player still like that).

With album art, I copy over a picture, and the phone lets me set that as album art from its menus.

With the example dcf files (I assume encrypted MPEG 4 AAC of some sort) there is album art, but there don't appear to be any pictures on the device. Does this mean that the format (and my phone) support embedded images just like tags?

I'm wondering also, can images be embedded in the MP3 files? And if so, how? (Currently I rip with CDex/LAME, and when I play back with Windows Media Player 10 (I hate 11, so downgraded), which adds additional tag data and non-embedded album art - is there a plugin for WMP, or a standalone little utility program to do it?) Also, is it a good idea? or will it bloat my files too much?

What's everyone think, and how do these issues affect you?

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