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Topic: foobar2000 can't read ID3v2 tags from iTunes mp3s (Read 2881 times) previous topic - next topic
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foobar2000 can't read ID3v2 tags from iTunes mp3s

I have a bunch of mp3s from which Winamp can read ID3v2 tags, but foobar can't. I've been pulling my hair off during the last several hours trying to fix this...

Searching the forums revealed that iTunes doesn't really conform to the ID3v2 spec(s). Some tools such as Mp3tag can rewrite the ID3v2 tag in a compatible fashion, but not for the attached mp3. Winamp and Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro 2.85 could read the ID3v2 tag just fine, though.

Is there a chance to get foobar2000 to be more tolerant with ID3v2 tags? What can I do in the meanwhile to have these ID3v2 tags behave? Any ID3v2 tag fixing/rewriting tool?

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