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How to extract .MKA files

I've recently came across a .mka file which is supposed to hold a FLAC, cuesheet, and several jpegs inside. I've no idea how to extract this, the only tool I found so far (MKVtoolnix) could deal with the FLAC and could extract the cuesheet based on chapter information, but it did not touch the jpegs. On closer inspection it turned out that the FLAC file is unplayable as well.

Is there an extractor utility which is simple to use and can extract the .mka contents, similar to how you can extract zip or rar archives?

How to extract .MKA files

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It drops back a "cannot extract this kind of file" when enabling Track ID1: the flac track. It decodes it though, and gives the same errorneus file I get by using the commandline tool (also the UTF part of the cuesheet is lost).

How to extract .MKA files

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$ mkvmerge --identify foo.mka
File 'foo.mka': container: Matroska
Track ID 1: audio (A_FLAC)
Attachment ID 2838529954: type 'image/png', size 267883 bytes, description 'Front Cover', file name 'cover.png'

$ mkvextract tracks foo.mka --no-ogg 1:foo.flac
Extracting track 1 with the CodecID 'A_FLAC' to the file 'foo.flac'. Container format: raw data
progress: 100%

$ mkvextract attachments foo.mka 2838529954:cover.png
The attachment #2838529954, MIME type image/png, size 267883, is written to 'cover.png'.

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