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EAC tracks+cue+log

I don't remember how to do this. I want to rip a CD with EAC to multiple wav or flac files with cuesheet and log file.

Re: EAC tracks+cue+log

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Thanks for the link. I already looked into those guides but I still haven't found what I want to do.
This is what I'm doing:

1) Load the CD to EAC
2) Action: Detect Gaps (F4)
3) Action: Copy Selected Tracks Uncompressed (F5)
Extraction ends and EAC automatically generates a log file, but not a cuesheet, it has to be created via one more action:
4) Action: Create CUE Sheet

Am I doing it right?

Re: EAC tracks+cue+log

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The basic steps described are OK and similar to
2) Action: Detect Gaps (F4) will add the detected gaps to the log file. This step is not included in the above link. If you skip step 2), the gaps will be detected when the CUE Sheet is created.


Re: EAC tracks+cue+log

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Aight thanks korth.


Re: EAC tracks+cue+log

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And make sure that you use "Multiple WAV files with gaps (Non-compliant)" when you create the cue sheet.

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