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Help with Panasonic .vm1 files


A friend of mine has a bunch of .vm1 files which are voice recordings he made with a Panasonic recorder.  He no longer has the recorder...just the files left over on his hard drive.  I'm trying to help him out with finding some way to play the files or convert them to another more common type.

Now I managed to find the Panasonic software for playing these files...but it only recognizes them when they are still on the player.  The software uses some kind of index files and only recognizes the recodings through these index files.  It won't recognize the files directly.  (This has got to be one of the silliest ideas I've seen.  If you have just the files or if you have the recorder but the index files get corrupted, the recordings are useless!  And their software is only available for if you have a Mac or use *nix, you have no options at all.  Panasonic customer service was very helpful...telling me I could buy a new recorder but that still wouldn't help without the index files.)

I "googled" for the file type and found some posts claiming that the files could be played through Windows Media Player if I downloaded a codec pack.  I tried that but it didn't work.  I also read about a piece of software called "Awave Studio".  I also tried that but when I played the files it was just noise so I don't think it was reading the files properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Or does anyone own a Panasonic recorder that creates these type of files?  (Maybe if someone could record some very short files and then send me copies of the index files I can work backwards to create ones for the files I have.)


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