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[bug] Fb2k loops on very short files

I wanted to check sounds from an IM client and I discovered a really interesting behavior of Fb2k (

I have a playlist of 7 very short wav files (total playlist length is 5 seconds), two of them are displayed as 0:00 long.

You can download these sounds from here: (the files come a from GPL-licensed application, so it is legal to post them here)
Add them to new playlist, sort by file names and start playing from the top, in default order.
Every time I try this, foobar jumps back to offline.wav after playing online.wav, plays it, then goes to next one (online.wav) and then loops to offline.wav, and so on.

Other playlist to reproduce this behavior is:
It jumps between two chat sounds.

[bug] Fb2k loops on very short files

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Yep, i had the same issue with some small wav files. In my case it were small percussion samples from a soundbank.

[bug] Fb2k loops on very short files

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This is reproducible (in v0.9.4.3, but probably any previous version as well) with any type of file where the duration is very short (tested with MP3 and Ogg Vorbis).  When the track is the first and last one being played, the seek bar jumps all over the place and the sound doesn't play until the stop button is pressed or similar.  Some more samples at (the mp3 and ogg were transcoded from the wav).

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