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Placing AC3 streams in MKA containers...

I've been trying to educate myself as to how to rip audio from video DVDs, and I've gotten it down pretty well I think. I've been able to rip, from a title, the audio of a DVD and split to chapters (as per DVD Decrypter's whims), this is all well and good.

I'd like to give the .AC3 files some proper tags, so I've come to understand that putting them in .MKA containers would do the trick just fine. So far, so good.

My first question is: How do I include all the tracks into one mka container correctly? I assume the tool of choice is MKVToolnix (I've got the latest for windows), but I'm just a dunce with the multiplexing bit. The end/desired result is a single .mka file with the entire album in it, complete with tags and all.

My second question: I've managed to add some of these AC3 files singly to single MKA containers, and I've gotten them to play in foobar, with "foo_input_matroska" and "foo_packet_decoder_ac3 0.9 (ATSC A/52 (AC3) Packet Decoder)" The only problem is when I go to tag these files, instead of writing to the "ALBUM" field, it instead redirects to an "ORIGINAL ALBUM" field instead. I've read up a little on this, but couldn't find much in the way of a solution, as it seems the matroska plugin was discontinued for foobar(?), so I was wondering if there was a better/more proper way to tag the files.


Placing AC3 streams in MKA containers...

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If the only requirement for Matroska would be tagging, then you might as well leave your AC3 audio as *.ac3 files. Foobar will append APEv2 tags at the end of the stream. (at least that's what v0.8.3 does).

You can also create an external CUE sheet if you need all your tracks as one long file. But this will partially cripple tagging as you won't be able to enter metadata for each title (chapter, track) individually.

Placing AC3 streams in MKA containers...

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Wouldn't those tags be nonstandard then?

I kind of wanted to put all of the music into one .MKA file, instead of a .cue and a continuous AC3 file, I'd like to have the nice meta tagging abilities as well as the slickness of having a single .mka file which is easily demuxable should the need arise; (I don't like creating .cue files for lossy codecs, as a personal taboo.)

Also: is there a better place I could be digging around for help with this?

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