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Tiny problem with Foo_Scheduler

I like to listen to audiobooks in bed. I've tried various methods to have playback stop after a period. I found Foo_Scheduler and thought it would do the business, which is does but not quite as good as it could be.

What I'd like is to start the selected title at the point I fell asleep the previous night. Obviously this can never be perfect because FooBar doesn't know when I fell asleep. Nevertheless is could start where the volume ramp started.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but "Start playback from saved state" seems to disable the rest of the Action.

Also I couldn't get "Use fade" in "Set volume" to do anything but again maybe I misunderstood.

I added the second event so that I could mark the start of a new Audiobook.

BTW FooBar 1.5.3  Win7 x86 SP1

Hopefully the attachment will work - here's what I have so far -

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