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WMA and replaygain

I'm using J River MC (because I need an all-in-one that supports ASIO as well) to play music/video/DVD/CDs.

J River has replaygain built-in.

My question is: since replaygain seems to be related to tags, can software overcome the replaygain limitation?

If yes, I suppose foobar with it's replaygain plugin can work as well?

thanks for the reply

ps. no debate on wma vs competition please. It's what I've chosen and I would like you to respect that.

WMA and replaygain

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Maybe you could put the WMA into an OGG container?

WMA and replaygain

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Replay Gain does not necessarily need any kind of dedicated support from the file format. The Lossless comparison page at HA Wiki does not define what is required from a file format to be "replay gain compatible". For instance WavPack is said to support Replay Gain when Monkey's Audio is said to not support it. AFAIK, the programs that can read and analyze (for replay gain) these two formats can store the Replay Gain values to APE v2 tags and use the values for playback correction.

The same is true for WMA. Programs like foobar2000, Winamp and J. River programs can analyze WMA files and store the resulting values in the file tags.

At least the J. River programs can even analyze untaggable formats like wave and store the values in the database. In foobar that is possible if CUE or APL files are used as sidecar files that can hold the needed tags.

WMA and replaygain

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ps. no debate on wma vs competition please. It's what I've chosen and I would like you to respect that.
Then you'll have to expect "difficulties" when you want to use non-Microsoft technologies like ReplayGain!

What I would do, if I wanted ReplayGained WMA files, would be to rip to wav, run wavegain on those files (I strongly suggest album mode), and then encode to WMA from the ReplayGained wavs. Painful, but possible.

Advantage: ReplayGained on all players
Disadvantage: Can't switch ReplayGain off, painful creation and tagging process

Hope this helps.



WMA and replaygain

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I think what you said can be applied to all lossless formats. AFAIK, the usual lossless formats do not allow adjusting the file volume level in the already encoded files like you can do with MP3Gain or AACGain.

The used player/converter/decoder program (or stand-alone device) must support adjusting the volume levels dynamically by DSP after the audio data is decoded back to PCM. Otherwise the PCM data must be adjusted before encoding by using WaveGain (like you explained) or some other program that can use the results of the replay gain analysis and adjust the volume level with DSP.


FLAC has the undocumented  "--apply-replaygain-which-is-not-lossless" decoding switch (if it still exists). I don't know how exactly it works but I suppose that practically it can be considered to be equivalent with the other DSP adjustment methods that can be applied during playback or file conversions.

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