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FBAS, RGB and S-Video over SCART Cable

We received our new HDD-Receiver today and finally got rid of the eight-years-old VCR. Until now, the DVD player was connected over a S-Video-to-SCART cable and our previous DVB-C receiver was connected over SCART-to-SCART and used to output an RGB signal. Since we only have two inputs in our television (four if you cound in the S-Video and Composite sockets on the front but having a cable there all the time would look ugly), the VCR was not connected directly, but we used to switch to channel 35 or whatever to watch VHS tapes (the VCR has a built-in modulator).
Since we didn't want to have to power on the stereo system everytime we watched a DVD (problems with neighbors if we watched a movie at 11 o'clock in the evening), we decided to use a SCART-to-SCART cable for the DVD too. I was now wondering, since there are RGB and "fake RGB" connectors, is it possible to ouput an S-Video signal over a 10-pin SCART cable or do you need an RGB cable for that too? Also, while our TV supports both S-Video and RGB and one of the cable we used for testing is a real 21-pin RGB cable, why does the image lack the red component? I read somewhere that if you use a poor cable, the RGB or S-Video signal would only be black and white but in our case, it's blue and green. What could be the problem?

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