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mpv converting

i have an mkv file

i have looked about on the net and was advised to get MKVtoolnix..which i downlaoded and installed

I need to rip the audio and the video from the file says i need to use mkvextract however when i start the mkvtoolnix it goes to mkvmerge not mkvextrcat

can someone please tell hiw i extract the audio and video files from the original mkv please


mpv converting

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i have managed to get the video and the audio ripped out

i have ended up with a h264 video file and an ac3 audio file and a chapters text document

where do i go from here

what i ultimately would like to do is make these 2 files into an avi xvid or something so that i can then convert to dvd format

any help please

would be much appreciated


mpv converting

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xvid and videodvd have nothing incomon, do you want videodvd or xvid?
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