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libraries for AAC/AVC decoding

I have been struggling with ffmpeg for some time now, but the tasks I need to go through in order to make it work on windows is just too much.
I am therefore looking for alternatives for decoding one or more of the following:
H.264 (AVC)
(maybe MPEG-4 Visual Simple and AMR wide/narrow)

The data I need to decode will come from an RTP stream, so if it understands RTP headers out of the box, then it would be just perfect.

It is to be used from an application created with ANSI C so the API should be available for this language.
I want to use it on Windows primarily but if it works on Linux, then it would be even greater.
It does not have to be a single library, but it cannot be GPL (or licenses that resembles it) since the final product is closed source  (so far).

if is ok if the library is only commercially available.

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