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%<tag>% and Playlist Tree

I have a large classical collection and have a lot of tracks with multiple artists.  I have set up a query in the Playlist Tree panel using the %<artist>% format so each artist shows up separate.  That works fine but I would like to have an intermediate node that has the first letter of the artist so all of the A artists are in a folder, the B artists in another and so on.  Now I know that the %<tag>% format doesn't play well with sting manipulation functions but I was wondering if any one has any work arounds or tips and tricks.  Even if I had to write a different query for each letter of the alphabet!  Just can figure out how to do it.  Any help would be appreciated.


%<tag>% and Playlist Tree

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I use this in foo_browser to get the the first letter of the artist tag: $upper($left(%artist%,1))

Hopefully, it will work with Playlist Tree.
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%<tag>% and Playlist Tree

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That works fine in Playlist tree - grouping all items under the initial letter. Obviously, a letter will not appear unless you have some item(s) starting with it.

In Playlist tree:




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