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How i configure spectrum analyser, added in Panels UI?
Right click not work...


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Will it be possible to to use $panel() inside of child Track Display panels?

We can already position panels inside other panels from the master panel code however there seems to be some flickering issues when the underlying panel refreshes (i.e.: spectrum analyser on top of a Track Display). Also it would be nice to be able to host full layouts when using Track Display under foo_dockable_panels. (Are you planning your own solution to opening other foobar windows?)

And thank you for all your hard work, your components continue to make foobar fun and exciting to use!

hosting panels within child panels is disabled to prevent some configuration clashes. I may enable it in the future, but in the meantime I've made some other changes which should prevent the flickering.

what happened to the screenshot?

on the first post? it's still there

How i configure spectrum analyser, added in Panels UI?
Right click not work...

in preferences there is a list of loaded panels, and you can configure it from there.


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Thanks for the update,looking good,however with the new version The pvar's are being read only when a track is playing,can yiu please bring back the old behavior?
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How can I add Tabbed Panel stack mod and sub-pannels.

I added tabbed panel.

but when sub panel is vertical splitter, I can not add any panel in there.


could you make it possible to toggle show/hide pannel when press button ?


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wow. I really like that UI. But buttons doesn't seem to work for me. Image is shown but neither there is a hover effect nor there is the effect of the button.

I wonder how I fixed that last time. Same behaviour occured to me with the Track Info Mod some time ago

figured that out.


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Wish I could write script lol. Toolej!!! Mazy!!!! I need (to steal from) you guys
My Name is Sean and I'm here to leech off your genius.


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I added tabbed panel.
but when sub panel is vertical splitter, I can not add any panel in there.
could you make it possible to toggle show/hide pannel when press button ?

Have you considered using this alternate approach instead of tabbed panels?
Code: [Select]
$panel(Option1,Track Display,0,20,%_width%,140,)
$panel(Option2,Album list,0,20,%_width%,140,)


The advantage to this is approach is not only do you no longer need to use foo_uie_tabs at all, but you can place multiple panels inside each option such as overlaying spectrum analyser in your track display... and all the panels will "switch" when you click the buttons.

The disadvantage to this approach is that currently pvars only work while a track is playing :(


Using a similar approach you can use something like:

$panel(Panel,Track Display,0,20,%_width%,140,)

And toggle the value of the pvar hidepanel to hide the panel.


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Little bug report here.  Put this alone in the panels config -
Code: [Select]
// Background
$drawrect(,,,,brushcolor-255-0-0 pencolor-255-0-0 alpha-20)

Now push the Apply button multiple times and watch the magic.  This does not happen if the $drawrect() is in a // PerTrack section, however foobar must be restarted to fix the problem.


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Another one.  It seems the Album List and Album List Panel have lost their drag-and-drop functionality.


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Just wanted to report some odd behavior, nothing really major.

When selecting the "Hide Titlebar" option in the preferences the titlebar doesnt hide but the window frame does:


When selecting the "Hide Taskbar Entry" option in the preferences the taskbar entry does indeed hide, however in the main foobar window the application icon in the upper left corner disappears and there is a strange transparent frame similar to the above titlebar problem but to a much lesser degree:


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Many thanks - this is going to be a great step forward for Foobar!


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Another bug report:with the new version the buttons in the trackinfo mod that change the playback order
(shuffle,default,repeat) stopped updating
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Would it be possible to make it so that you could have a transparent background for panels such as SCPL? That way people could just load a single background image to the panels UI main layout and it would still be visible through the playlist, for example.


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Would it be possible to make it so that you could have a transparent background for panels such as SCPL? That way people could just load a single background image to the panels UI main layout and it would still be visible through the playlist, for example.

nope, not possible with the way its currently written. it would be possible to add a background to scpl itself though.


I've uploaded a new version, with some bug fixes and some new features.


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New version crashes when I right click and select "Settings". It also crashes when I click [Edit Layout] from the main preferences tree.
Here's the dump:
Code: [Select]
Illegal operation:
Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 7D652C12h
Access violation, operation: read, address: 002B7000h
Call path:
This is the first crash logged by this instance.
Code bytes (7D652C12h):
7D652BD2h:  E9 D4 D8 FD FF 85 C0 74 25 8B 4D 0C 56 0F B6 31
7D652BE2h:  48 41 66 83 3C 75 F8 03 6A 7D 00 74 06 85 C0 74
7D652BF2h:  0A 48 41 42 42 85 C0 74 04 EB E2 42 42 5E 8B 45
7D652C02h:  08 89 10 E9 5C 86 FD FF 85 C0 74 1D 8B 55 0C 57
7D652C12h:  0F B7 0A 8B 3D 04 1D 6A 7D 66 8B 0C 4F 42 42 46
7D652C22h:  84 ED 74 01 46 48 75 E8 5F 8B 45 08 89 30 E9 81
7D652C32h:  E0 FC FF 8B 72 54 F3 A5 E9 29 A4 FE FF 8B 72 28
7D652C42h:  F3 A5 E9 6F A4 FE FF 32 C0 E9 2A 66 FE FF 32 C0
Stack (000804EAh):
000804CAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000804DAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000804EAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000804FAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008050Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008051Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008052Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008053Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008054Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008055Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008056Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008057Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008058Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0008059Ah:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000805AAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000805BAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000805CAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000805DAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000805EAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
000805FAh:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
EAX: 00000FED, EBX: 00000000, ECX: 00000000, EDX: 002B7000
ESI: 00003858, EDI: 7EFB7C22, EBP: 00000000, ESP: 000804EA
Crash location: "ntdll", loaded at 7D600000h - 7D6F0000h
Symbol: "RtlValidateHeap" (+0000FEFEh)

Loaded modules:
foobar2000                      loaded at 00400000h - 004F3000h
ntdll                            loaded at 7D600000h - 7D6F0000h
kernel32                        loaded at 7D4C0000h - 7D5F0000h
COMCTL32                        loaded at 7DBD0000h - 7DCD3000h
msvcrt                          loaded at 77BA0000h - 77BFA000h
ADVAPI32                        loaded at 77F50000h - 77FEC000h
RPCRT4                          loaded at 7DA20000h - 7DB00000h
GDI32                            loaded at 7D800000h - 7D890000h
USER32                          loaded at 7D930000h - 7DA00000h
SHLWAPI                          loaded at 00550000h - 005A2000h
SHELL32                          loaded at 7C8D0000h - 7D0D4000h
ole32                            loaded at 77670000h - 777A4000h
shared                          loaded at 10000000h - 10029000h
comdlg32                        loaded at 762B0000h - 762FA000h
IMM32                            loaded at 7DEE0000h - 7DF40000h
LPK                              loaded at 7DBC0000h - 7DBC9000h
USP10                            loaded at 75490000h - 754F1000h
RocketDock                      loaded at 01D60000h - 01D6E000h
nview                            loaded at 01D90000h - 01F00000h
PSAPI                            loaded at 76B70000h - 76B7B000h
OLEAUT32                        loaded at 01F00000h - 01F8C000h
WINMM                            loaded at 76AA0000h - 76ACD000h
VERSION                          loaded at 77B90000h - 77B98000h
NTMARTA                          loaded at 01FA0000h - 01FC2000h
SAMLIB                          loaded at 5CCF0000h - 5CCFF000h
WLDAP32                          loaded at 76F10000h - 76F3E000h
MSCTF                            loaded at 4B8D0000h - 4B921000h
apphelp                          loaded at 75E60000h - 75E87000h
msctfime                        loaded at 4DC30000h - 4DC5E000h
imjp81                          loaded at 02100000h - 02156000h
imjp81k                          loaded at 02160000h - 02217000h
uxtheme                          loaded at 7DF50000h - 7DFC0000h
foo_cdda                        loaded at 02290000h - 022C6000h
foo_converter                    loaded at 022F0000h - 02359000h
foo_cwb_hooks                    loaded at 02380000h - 023AE000h
foo_dockable_panels              loaded at 023D0000h - 02403000h
foo_dsp_std                      loaded at 02430000h - 02471000h
foo_highlightplaying            loaded at 024A0000h - 024C1000h
foo_input_monkey                loaded at 024F0000h - 02539000h
foo_input_std                    loaded at 02560000h - 02674000h
foo_input_tta                    loaded at 026A0000h - 026CD000h
foo_masstag                      loaded at 026F0000h - 02740000h
foo_rgscan                      loaded at 02760000h - 027A8000h
foo_run                          loaded at 027D0000h - 027FB000h
foo_uie_albumlist                loaded at 02820000h - 0285D000h
foo_uie_console                  loaded at 02880000h - 0289B000h
foo_uie_lyrics                  loaded at 028C0000h - 0291E000h
WININET                          loaded at 63000000h - 630CE000h
Normaliz                        loaded at 02930000h - 02939000h
iertutil                        loaded at 5DCA0000h - 5DCE5000h
foo_uie_playlists_dropdown      loaded at 02BA0000h - 02BDA000h
foo_uie_queuemanager            loaded at 02C00000h - 02C39000h
mscoree                          loaded at 79000000h - 79045000h
MSVCR80                          loaded at 78130000h - 781CB000h
msvcm80                          loaded at 7C4C0000h - 7C53D000h
mscorwks                        loaded at 79E70000h - 7A3D1000h                      loaded at 790C0000h - 79BA6000h
mscorjit                        loaded at 79060000h - 790B3000h
rsaenh                          loaded at 68000000h - 6802F000h                        loaded at 7A440000h - 7ABFE000h                loaded at 7ADE0000h - 7AF74000h
gdiplus                          loaded at 4DD60000h - 4DF07000h
foo_uie_vis_projectm            loaded at 05470000h - 054E4000h
OPENGL32                        loaded at 5E8D0000h - 5E99E000h
GLU32                            loaded at 68720000h - 68740000h
DDRAW                            loaded at 73860000h - 738AC000h
DCIMAN32                        loaded at 73B30000h - 73B36000h
foo_ui_columns                  loaded at 05500000h - 05597000h
foo_ui_panels                    loaded at 055C0000h - 0567D000h
foo_winamp_spam                  loaded at 056A0000h - 056C2000h
foo_ui_minilyrics                loaded at 056E0000h - 05702000h
nvwddi                          loaded at 06140000h - 06155000h
IMJPCD                          loaded at 08740000h - 0875A000h
MiniLyrics                      loaded at 088A0000h - 089A2000h
WS2_32                          loaded at 71C00000h - 71C17000h
WS2HELP                          loaded at 71BF0000h - 71BF8000h
RICHED32                        loaded at 73440000h - 73445000h
RICHED20                        loaded at 74C40000h - 74CB0000h
DSOUND                          loaded at 73E50000h - 73EAE000h
wdmaud                          loaded at 72D70000h - 72D79000h
WINTRUST                        loaded at 76BB0000h - 76BDB000h
CRYPT32                          loaded at 761B0000h - 76243000h
MSASN1                          loaded at 76190000h - 761A2000h
imagehlp                        loaded at 76C10000h - 76C39000h
msacm32                          loaded at 72D60000h - 72D68000h
MSACM32                          loaded at 77B70000h - 77B84000h
midimap                          loaded at 77B60000h - 77B67000h
KsUser                          loaded at 73E20000h - 73E24000h
USERENV                          loaded at 76920000h - 769E4000h
Msimg32                          loaded at 76280000h - 76285000h
dbghelp                          loaded at 6D580000h - 6D628000h

Version info:
foobar2000 v0.9.4.2

Additional info:
cwbowron's title format hooks 1.0.13 [Oct  2 2006 - 09:06:52]  (foo_cwb_hooks)
Standard DSP array 1.0  (foo_dsp_std)
Masstagger 1.6  (foo_masstag)
Standard Input Array 1.0  (foo_input_std)
WMA Decoder 1.1  (foo_input_std)
ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.2  (foo_rgscan)
foobar2000 core  (Core)
Highlight playing 0.1.0  (foo_highlightplaying)
Playlists Dropdown  (foo_uie_playlists_dropdown)
Run services 0.3.2  (foo_run)
Dockable Panels 1.0.6beta [Feb  9 2007 - 15:51:33]  (foo_dockable_panels)
Columns UI 0.1.3 beta 1v7  (foo_ui_columns)
projectM visualization (Panel) 0.4  (foo_uie_vis_projectm)
FLAC Decoder 1.1.0  (foo_input_std)
PanelsUI 0.3.0 beta [Feb  9 2007 - 23:25:59]  (foo_ui_panels)
Album list panel 0.2.1  (foo_uie_albumlist)
Console panel 0.2.1  (foo_uie_console)
Monkey's Audio decoder 2.1.1  (foo_input_monkey)
Converter 1.0.1  (foo_converter)
Lyric Show Panels  (foo_uie_lyrics)
Winamp API Emulator 0.94  (foo_winamp_spam)
CD Audio Decoder 2.1.1  (foo_cdda)
TTA Audio Decoder (unofficial) 2.4.2  (foo_input_tta)
Queue manager panel 0.2.1  (foo_uie_queuemanager)

BTW I noticed improvements regarding flickering spectrum analyser panel and titlebar weirdness :)


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can you try closing foobar / renaming your PanelsUI subfolder / restarting foobar, and see if it still crashes ?

does calling up settings from a track display panel under columns ui also crash?


Reply #67
I pulled the PanelsUI folder and dropped the new version into my components and restarted foobar. I was able to load the settings dialog without crashing and I was able to paste my old code into the panel, however as soon as I apply the old code foobar crashes. Here is my PanelsUI code in it's entirety (what I pasted to make it crash):
Code: [Select]
$drawrect(0,0,%_width%,%_height%,brushcolor-233-233-233 pencolor-null)

$panel(Logo,Track Display,$sub(%_width%,55),0,55,20,)

$panel(Now Playing,Track Display,0,20,%_width%,140,)
$panel(Spectrum,Spectrum analyser,300,102,$sub(%_width%,433),38,)
$panel(Test,Track Display,0,20,%_width%,140,)
$panel(Queue,Queue Manager,0,20,%_width%,140,)
$panel(Albums,Album list,0,20,%_width%,140,)
$panel(Lyrics,Lyric Show,0,20,%_width%,140,)

$panel(Percent,Track Display,2,$sub(%_height%,36),75,20,)
$panel(Time,Track Display,$sub(%_width%,77),$sub(%_height%,36),75,20,)

// Buttons
$button($add($get(offset.button.x),44),$get(offset.button.y),0,0,14,14,/images\Yotsuya\button.home.png,/images\Yotsuya\,Foobar Forum,)
$button2($add($get(offset.button.x),58),$get(offset.button.y),0,0,14,14,A,a,Album Art Downloader,)

$button($get(offset.button.x),$get(offset.button.y),0,0,0,0,/images\Yotsuya\$if(%ispaused%,pause,play).png,/images\Yotsuya\$if(%ispaused%,pause,play).png,Play or Pause,)


I repeated the experiment in ColumnsUI but did not experience a crash. I was even able to apply the above panelsui code (though obviously not all of it functioned).


Reply #68
Love the new edit screens!

Seem to be switching back and forth between the layout config and main Panel UI screens a lot tweaking layout of panel and panel contents to fit - maybe a single large screen would be easier to use - or at least a panel names drop-down on the layout screen - where you need to the panel name!

Got ProjectM working fine with toobar, menu, album art,  SCP and a couple of Track displays - not too easy to sort out which track display is which though!

Thanks. This is going to be fantastic.


Reply #69
Another bug report:with the new version the buttons in the trackinfo mod that change the playback order
(shuffle,default,repeat) stopped updating

yep, same with the mute button
I think every command that uses cwb_hooks variables


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I got it working with the newest version,however only when there's a track playing
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Favourite album:700MB


Reply #71
Is there any possibility of having the options 'hide taskbar entry' and 'hide titlebar' as a standalone version? I currently don't want to go from ColumnsUI to PanelsUI (gonna wait for it getting more Stable!)
But I really like those options!


Reply #72
can anybody give me a way to get albumart work with foo_ui_panels.
how can i load it?


Reply #73
Foobar seems to crash on exit, doesn't close correctly, and therefore can never save it's settings, for me, using Windows Vista Ultimate...

Components are:

foo_cdda 2.1.1
foo_ui_columns 0.1.3beta
foo_convertor 1.0.1
foo_ui_std 0.9acc
foo_input_std 1.1.0
foo_freedb 0.5.2a
foo_masstag 1.6
foo_browser 1.2.3
foo_ui_panels 0.3.0
Foo_uie_single_column_playlist 0.5.4 beta
foo_dsp_std 1.0
foo_uie_trackinfo_mod 0.8.0beta

Also, I don't understand how the $glass function works precisely either, could you show me how to make the entire width of the 20 downmost pixels $glassed?


Reply #74
First off, the new component is great.  I love the new edit box.  So I have a question and a bug re: v0.3.0.

What exactly do the new Global, Background, PerTrack, and PerSecond buttons do?  I can't seem to find any functionality.  And do the // Global etc. divisions have any effect in the Panels UI config, or only in Track Display?

BUG:  This is twofold.  First, it interferes with the tray icon settings under ColumnsUI in the prefs.  If they were meant to be separate, then the ColumnsUI tray icon settings still have some effect.  Second, when minimizing by clicking the taskbar everything is fine.  But if I minimize by clicking the upper right corner of foobar I get a duplicate (ie there are 2) tray icon.

Last a request:  Can you bring back the option to use a custom tray icon?

Thanks for all your work!

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