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How to link a post inside a thread ?

How to get the URL of a given post inside a thread ? I had to do it for the last FAQ, and I ended editing the post without changing it. It is annoying, since it lefts a little note "post edited", while I changed nothing.

I know it was already posted, but various searches about post, URL, inside, thread, link returned either too much matches, either too few.

How to link a post inside a thread ?

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You just check the post number, for example by checking the addy from the quote-button (...&p=[post_number]). Then you just add #entry[post_number] to the end of the thread addy.
So for example this message addy is:

If the messages in the thread goes to multiple pages, you have to take into account the &st= value.
Juha Laaksonheimo

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