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Wav - AIf lossless?


I have converted my entire collection to wav using itunes.

I did not realise that no metadata would be written to wavs. Currently the songs shown in itunes have information fields, artist, album etc filled in via the cddb databse.


1) I assume Wav - Aif conversion using itunes will be lossless, as both files are lossless.
2) The data shown in itunes, via the cddb, will be written to the aif metadata within the file  when the conversion is complete.

thanks in advance


Wav - AIf lossless?

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With 'Aif', do you mean ALF (Apple Lossless Format), or AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)?

1) Yes

Wav - AIf lossless?

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The conversion would be lossless, though I'm not sure that you'd be able to store any metadata in the aiff files either.

A more practical solution would be to store your rips in a lossless format (e.g. iTunes has Apple Lossless aka ALAC), which would both allow you to store metadata and would save an appreciable amount of HD storage space (files approximately 60-65% of uncompressed size).


Wav - AIf lossless?

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I am converting to aiff, sorry for not stating that.

ill try and do some experiments tonight and work out if it will work ok

thanks for the replys - really appreciate it


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