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Call for ATRAC SP (Type-R) test recordings

Hi All,

SoundExpert starts new experiment which could be interesting for HA forumers. It concerns time warping procedure developed inside SE. Details are in SE news article.

We chose Sony Insider forum as the main place for discussing and covering the experiment because the experimental candidate is ATRAC SP (Type-R) hardware codec and we need help from people with MD (Type-R) devices. Nevertheless, we would be glad to receive feedback from HA people as well.

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Call for ATRAC SP (Type-R) test recordings

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First two submitted recordings appeared on Analysis of submitted ATRAC SP (Type-R) recordings page. One belongs to Lee Keywood who originally proposed this codec to SoundExpert and another one - to Numinos from MiniDisc Forum. Time warped versions and artifacts signals are available for both.
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