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[Request] Modified Foo_run for video applications

Since no one anserwered to the foo_run topic. I open this topic. All I want to have is the possibility to open unsupported files with an extern video programm. Foo_run unly works for supported files like wmv or mp4.

Foo_run has the metatdata as source and since there is no metadata for unsupported video files the menu won't open. Although if you modify a playlist with the tag %filepath% the filepath is correct shown but this doesn't help because this information is not in meta data.

So if someone could change this behaviour this would be great 

There is a second way for a video workaround:
I have Vdopener installed ( develloper page VDopener) this makes a .avs from every file so that you can open in virtual dub. It creates .avs .
So the second way to use unsupported Filestypes in Foobar would be to creat for every videofile an .avs so the foo_run works.

Some other suggestions for possible extern video add ons?

[Request] Modified Foo_run for video applications

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So I found a way to integrate a kind of video add on

You only have to use a bit of scripting.

Make from every video you have .avs which foobar supports.
You will need foo_run.
Then for example give the filepath to a media player and write

Code: [Select]
$replace(%avisynth script%,'DirectShowSource("',' ','")',)

This is really a work around but Iw orks for me with mpui.exe

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