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compress with lpac using EAC?

How do I set up EAC to compress with lpac?

I want to use the following commands:

-n -5  -c -v


compress with lpac using EAC?

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choose user defined encoder, set extension to pac and write in the additional commandline field %s %d <commands>. If this doesn't work change the order of the %s %d to %d %s. One of those both settings should work!

compress with lpac using EAC?

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well it doesn't work... dumb me:D

this does it:
-n -5 -c -v %d %s

compress with lpac using EAC?

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Yes that seems to work.
I thought I did try that but apparently I didn't.



compress with lpac using EAC?

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Actually theres a few problems with that in theory at least.

The proper command line would be: -5 -c -v %s %d

I'd go ahead and add the -r for random seeking too.  You don't need the -n because EAC implicitly gives it an ouput path.  Make sure you put .pac as the extension, and uncheck the Add ID3 Tag as well, since lpac does not support them.

compress with lpac using EAC?

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I don't need -r bacause it is jist for storing untill I compress with mpc.

I knew that -n was probably not needed but I semed to get in trouble if I removed it with my first attempts.



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