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What's your *main lossy* format of choice?

[ 501 ] (54.2%)
Ogg Vorbis
[ 211 ] (22.8%)
[ 118 ] (12.8%)
[ 41 ] (4.4%)
WMA Standard
[ 5 ] (0.5%)
[ 3 ] (0.3%)
Atrac (any version)
[ 4 ] (0.4%)
Other / I don't use lossy AT ALL!
[ 41 ] (4.4%)

Total Members Voted: 1025

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2007 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #150
Never used mp3 , always encoded with vqf and then m4a, before i discovered FLAC.


2007 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #151
I voted for Ogg Vorbis, since I still prefer it to MP3- but because MP3 and Ogg are pretty much the same these days, I've started putting the music on my site in both Ogg and MP3 formats.

I also voted for FLAC. Easy to use and no known bugs (known to me anyway  ).

Also, I use individual tracks rather than complete discs. Annoying that way, although I remember reading there's some reason to do it that way.

- Spike

2007 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #152
Ripping program of choice would also be an interesting poll question to add to the bundle.

EAC would be the clear winner me thinks

I rip to ogg q-5
:Foobar 2000:
:MPC --standard:
:iRiver H320 Rockboxed:

2007 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #153

I don't think one can get better than this...

In the future? Ahhh....

I'll rip WAV files onto the Blue-Ray.... yeah... not even using lossy or lossless in the future.

Blue-Ray hardware is expensive. HD-DVD could dominate.
Life is short, delaying enjoyment is pointless.

2007 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #154
(What an ideal topic for a newcomer like me to try out a first post! Thank you.  )

I choose AAC for lossy, because I don't need a high bitrate.
I choose WavPack for lossless because of its good efficiency, many functions and -t option. Unfortunately wvgain doesn't have the option, though.
I rip CDs as lossless images for backup purposes.

It seems some "your codec of choice" polls are still open.

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Some people might have voted reminded of their choices of the past, though...

By the way, I followed [a href='index.php?act=findpost&pid=462293']guruboolez[/a]. 

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